In This Project

  • We try to make prototype of Metro Trains.
  • We use 8051 as CPU.
  • The motion of Train is controlled by a DC Motor.
  • The motion of opening and closing of door is controlled by Stepper Motor.
  • LCD Display of 2*16 characters is used for displaying messages in the train.
  • The stoppage time at a station is taken to be 3 seconds.
  • The time taken by train between two consecutive stations is taken as 6 seconds.

Working Of Metro Train Prototype With 8051 Project:

When the power is turned on a message (“welcome “) is displayed on LCD. Then a message “Current station is New Delhi” is displayed and door is opened. After some delay the door is closed and car is started to move forward. A message “current station is New Delhi” is displayed also on LCD. After some time a message indicating the next station is displayed “next station is NOIDA SECT 15”. After some time the train stops and a message “current station is NOIDA SECT 15” is displayed. This process is continued for five stations. In the end a message “End of line” is displayed on LCD. This whole process is repeated until we turned off the power supply.

Basic Components

  • Power Supply
  • AT89C51 IC
  • LCD (16×2)
  • ULN2003
  • L293D
  • Stepper Motor
  • DC Motor

Why we use ULN2003 and L293D ?

  1.  ULN2003 is used to drive the Stepper Motor and L293D is used to drive the DC Motors.
  2. Stepper and DC motors work on 12v and controller work on 5v ,so ULN2003 and L293D convert level from 5v to 12v.
  3. ULN2003 and L293D also protect micro controller pin  from back emf of motors.

1. Circuit Diagram of Metro Train Prototype with 8051

metro train prototype with 8051

1. Program of Metro Train Prototype with 8051







PROTEUS File for SIMULATION(Password Of RAR file is

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