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  • First of all I do not hate programming, I rather enjoy it actually and I am programmer. I love my work.
  • I’ve been coding for a couple of years now and while I still don’t feel anywhere near competent I find that a lot of people feel they are. For some reason this bothers me when someone say I hate programming. So I have write this article and gather some problem faced by people in this field.
  • I’ve started this blog in order to share my findings about my work and my knowledge from which I went through in my career.
  • I just hope its help beginners and motivate coders.

Coding skill takes time to master

This factor is like relative terms of understanding and how you approach it. Main reason behind not entering in this field by college students is difficult and time consuming as I thought when I was in college. But this is rather interesting and not more than just a puzzle solving game. If you are really interested then you will find a way anyhow.

Tons of error

If you don’t face error, you are not coder. Its usual thing that happens but it doesn’t mean you hate the field. Calm down and relax. Errors are inevitable and happen more frequently than you might think. They are usually accompanied with a line number, simple explanation and sometimes a suggestion. Just go back and try understanding what went wrong. If not, just copy and paste the entire error message into Google. Most of the time, it’ll work.

                    Another thing to try is, code in short snippets and compile your code, frequently. This method will guarantee that you won’t have a terminal full of error messages you don’t understand and will speed up your programming.

Understanding of others Code

According to my perspective, Crap. If you are team lead or manager this is frequent work you are doing. Understanding of your colleagues and fellow members code in not difficult as it actually is. Yes it could be when coding is done by fresher. Because when I entered in this domain, I don’t know about coding standard and coding community that helps each other and write code according to standard methods( like macros should be in capital later, function name should be logical,etc )by which others can easily understand each others code.

Complications of long code

When your code becomes larger, its becomes messy and more complicated as accepted by many programmers. The main reason behind this is inappropriate planning and design of code flow which is main important part of SRS(System requirement specification ) document.

Professional labours

This is highly used term for coders in india. And yes I am the one who is professional labour. But it makes me comfort when I understand what happening behind your mouse click in your computer or how your cell phone work or how you manage your e-mail or how facebook work,etc. And if something went wrong in computer I have logical reason behind it rather then see it as foolish.

                          Instead of fretting about the elegance of a programming language, it is way more wiser to use your programming language, like a freaking tool, and make a product that people, the end users, will find useful. I hate programming language flame wars. It isn’t helping the community at all.

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