1. GSM based Vehicle Fuel Theft Detection System with SMS indication
  2. RTC(Real Time Clock) using DS1307 on lcd with alarm. 
  3. Design of mobile using touch screen or graphical lcd using sim 300. 
  4. Password based security system using SIM300 module and RFID.
  5. Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter
  6. Digital Visitor Counter 
  7. Electronic Voting Machine
  8. Fingerprint Based Electronic Voting Machine
  9. FingerPrint Based Security System 
  10. Home Security System
  11. Line Following Robot.
  12. Micro-controller Based Digital code Lock 
  13. Password Based Door Locking 
  14. PC Based Robot 
  15. Prepaid Energy Meter 
  16. Remote Controlled Digital Clock with DS1307 
  17. RFID Based Attendance System 
  18. RFID Based Security System
  19. SMS through Telephone
  20. Solar tracking System 
  21. Telephone Controlled Motor
  22. Telephone controlled Remote switch 
  23. Temperature controlled Fan 
  24. Traffic Light Controller
  25. Toxic Gas Detection using GSM technology
  26. Rolling display using Matrix LEDs
  27. Home Appliances Controlling using Android Mobile via Bluetooth
  28. GSM based Garbage and waste collection bins overflow indicator
  29. RFid Based Highway Toll Tax Collection System
  30. Metro train prototype
  31.  Wall follower robot
  32. Water level controller with lcd display 
  33. Auto Control of three phase Induction motor 
  34. Automatic College Bell 
  35. Touch Screen Based Hotel Management System
  36. Density Based Traffic Signal System
  37. Design and Implementation of Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle
  38. RFID Based Passport Details
  39. Security System With User Changeable Password
  40. Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using GSM
  41. Fingerprint Based Electronic Voting Machine
  42. Railway Level Crossing Gate Control through SMS by the Station Master or the Driver
  43. Object Detection using Ultrasonic Sensor
  44. PC Controlled Scrolling Message Display for Notice Board
  45. projects based on can protocol.