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Embedded Systems








  • GSM based Vehicle Fuel Theft Detection System with SMS indication
  • RTC(Real Time Clock) using DS1307 on lcd with alarm. 
  • Design of mobile using touch screen or graphical lcd using sim 300. 
  • Password based security system using SIM300 module and RFID.
  • Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter
  • Digital Visitor Counter 
  • Electronic Voting Machine
  • Fingerprint Based Electronic Voting Machine
  • FingerPrint Based Security System 
  • Home Security System
  • Line Following Robot.
  • Micro-controller Based Digital code Lock 
  • Password Based Door Locking 
  • PC Based Robot 
  • Prepaid Energy Meter 
  • Remote Controlled Digital Clock with DS1307 
  • RFID Based Attendance System 
  • RFID Based Security System
  • SMS through Telephone
  • Solar tracking System 
  • Telephone Controlled Motor
  • Telephone controlled Remote switch 
  • Temperature controlled Fan 
  • Traffic Light Controller
  • Toxic Gas Detection using GSM technology
  • Rolling display using Matrix LEDs
  • Home Appliances Controlling using Android Mobile via Bluetooth
  • GSM based Garbage and waste collection bins overflow indicator
  • RFid Based Highway Toll Tax Collection System
  • Metro train prototype
  •  Wall follower robot
  • Water level controller with lcd display 
  • Auto Control of three phase Induction motor 
  • Automatic College Bell 
  • Touch Screen Based Hotel Management System
  • Density Based Traffic Signal System
  • Design and Implementation of Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle
  • RFID Based Passport Details
  • Security System With User Changeable Password
  • Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using GSM
  • Fingerprint Based Electronic Voting Machine
  • Railway Level Crossing Gate Control through SMS by the Station Master or the Driver
  • Object Detection using Ultrasonic Sensor
  • PC Controlled Scrolling Message Display for Notice Board
  • projects based on can protocol.
  • Designing of LED MULTIPLEXING Board and control the Board using computer.
  • Designing of Projects using CAN PROTOCOL for high speed data transmission between long distance.
  • Home automation for  large buildings.
  • Advance hotel menu display system using touch screen and ordering system.
  • Designing of snake game.