This article explains the difference between different microcontrollers available today and used nowadays most, here we classify different microcontroller according to their feature and we will show you how they are different from each other. Then we compare individual microcontroller according to your application need and tell you which one is better for that particular application.

To know what is 8051, AVR, PIC, ARM, MSP430, click on individuals which will drive you to its introduction page.

Difference between ARM and other MicrocontrollersNote:- Zoom image if it is not clear


This data is based on certain date, Average of our experience with them, which is continuously evolved and microcontroller vendors are come up with new features time by time.

Which one is better ?

There is always pros and cons. We can not say that this is bad or good. Its up to you that which one is better for your application, so here are some example

  • ARM – if your application need real time control, fast processing, high end communication protocol and many other function like ADC,PWM along with large memory requirement, then ARM the “Mighty Monster” will best fit for your application.


  • 8051 – if your application need less function with cheap project budget and faithful reliable product choose 8051, as per my personal experience, 8051 is universal solution where cheap budget project and reliable product with less functionality. I have used 8051 cored product in many numbers of application starting from my final year college project to high end machine as supporting controller.


  • AVR – I have seen this controller in mostly robotics and automobile industries because of its wide community support and simplicity.


  • PIC – Used in Industrial application of AC, TV, refrigerator and many more cheap project. I was always hater of PIC controllers cause of its paid system development kit and less community support.


  • MSP430 – What if I am say your whole project will going to run on single AA battery for 5 years or your microcontroller can run even at 0.9V supply voltage. You might not believe, but its possible with MSP430, TI’s best product

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