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counter and timers of PIC18f458 microcontroller

timers of PIC18f458___________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • What is Timer ?-  Timer is used to calculating the amounts of time between events.


  • What is Counter ?-  Counter is used to count external events.


  • About Timer & Counter-  Timer is fully depend upon the oscillator that attached externally to the microcontroller because it uses the frequency of oscillator to operate. When we trigger timer it start from initial value and run up to decided value stored by user in special function registers. When it reach its maximum value, it overflows and a certain bit is decided to show over flow in SFR(special function register) also called flag bit. Some timers also used prescalar technique to enhance its limits.
  • Applications- Generating rectangular pulses (signal modulation), Watchdog timers, Counting objects, Measuring intervals, generating delay, etc.

1. Circuit diagram  creating a  pulse  using timers of  PIC18F458 micrcontroller

Circuit diagram  creating a  pulse  using timers of PIC18F458 micrcontroller ________________________________________________________________________________________

1. PROGRAM TO CREATE A DELAY OF 1 SEC AT PORTD using timers of PIC18f458


PROTEUS File for SIMULATION(Password Of RAR file is

download (1) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

2. PROGRAM TO CREATE  SQUARE WAVE OF 100 MS AT PORTC.0 using timers of PIC18F458


PROTEUS File for SIMULATION(Password Of RAR file is

download (1) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

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